The Teacher’s Guide To Digital Citizenship


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Digital citizenship is important to understand for today’s students, staff, and teachers. Microsoft has just unveiled a free curriculum that gives great tips and ideas on teaching digital citizenship and creative content.

This looks like a great resource. It is designed for students in Grades 8 – 10, but the site suggests that you may also use it with Grades 6 & 7. There are four units. Each provides student learning objectives. The units are:

* Unit One: Creative What? – Exploring the general topics of  “intellectual property, creative content and creative rights” with a focus on intellectual property and creative content.

* Unit Two: By Rule of Law – A more in-depth look at creative content copyright.

* Unit Three: Calling All Digital Citizens – Using social media as the backdrop a look at “how does the prevalence of online media — and its ease of access — change the conversation about those rights?”

* Unit Four: Protect Your Work, Respect Your Work – How do you protect your creative work? This unit looks at this issue as well as other “issues related to originality and plagiarism.”

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